Journal's History

Journal of English Language and Literature Teaching (JELLT) aims at developing as a pioneer journal for the language, linguistics, literature and, culture as well as education in the context of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This summarizes the scope to be relevant with published materials. JELLT accepts manuscripts related Culture, English Language Teaching and learning, and on linguistics and literature, with contents that reflect research reports, systematic review, analysis, studies, application or elaboration of theories, and teaching material development. 

JELLT gained its P-ISSN (2548-7728) in 2016.  Its first issue was published as a printed form as Vol. 1, No. 1, November 2016 under the auspice of English Education Department, Faculty of Language & Arts, Universitas Negeri Manado with the schedule to publish biannually every June and December (previously proposed March and September). Along with the obligation to have E-ISSN, the journal received its E-ISSN (2599-0373) on 23 November 2017 starting with Vol 2 no 2 which was published online in Open journal system (OJS) for open access. Once it happened to be coordinated by LPPM, Universitas Negeri Manado, yet, later following the university policy to activate faculty journals, and JELLT was viewed to specifically relate to language teaching, the journal was assigned to be under the Faculty of Language and Arts again in 2020 and maintained the biannually publication schedule.  

Since the beginning, JELLT tries to provide highly qualified scholarly articles by toil and ceaselessly improving its contents, format, style, and blind peer review procedure. It its development, JELLT undergoes the regeneration of the editorial team and reviewers due to the personnel retirement and availability. Within this context and quality consideration, the journal attempts to restructure and recruit its editorial and review team by involving more experts from various reputable universities and scientific associations in the field of English language and literature teaching including information technology expert as displayed in the current journal website. 

Concerning with the increasing demands to disseminate more qualified research outputs and innovative breakthroughs in teaching English as a foreign language, JELLT is scheduling its three times a year publication (April, July, and November) after the June edition of 2021 by strictly keeping the quality of its article selection, blind peer review process, and global coverage.