Penerapan Model Langsung Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Materi Perjuangan Para Pejuang Dikelas V SD Inpres Kakaskasen 2

Levina Welang, Hetty J. Tumurang, Stelly Manawan


the purpose of this study is to improve student learning
outcomes in the struggle material by applying the direct
learning model. The research method used was classroom
action research from Kemmis and Taggart and was carried
out in two cycles consisting of four stages, namely: Planning,
Implementation, Observation, and Reflection. The subjects
of this study were 30 students of grade V of SD Inpres
Kakaskasen 2. The data collection method uses observation
and tests. The results achieved by students in learning
activities in the first cycle was 66.67 improvement in the
second cycle with an average student achievement of 89.74%
with very good qualifications. the results of the study prove
that the application of the direct learning model can improve
student learning outcomes for the fighters' struggle.Keywords: direct learning model, learning outcomes

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