Claludio Steward Wulur, Meity C. Muntuuntu, Herling M. Rares


This Study aims to investigate whether the use of Word Square in teaching English Vocabulary can increase students’ stock of vocabularies in learning vocabulary. This research was carried out at SMK Negeri 6 Manado. This research used quantitative research through pre-experimental design with Pre-test and Post-test. The population of this research was the first grade students of nursing study program of SMK Negeri 6 Manado while the sample was class 11 b (nursing study program) consisted of 38 students. The instrument used was a test, in the form of multiple choice tests. In analyzing the obtained data, the writer applied then statically instrument to count the students’ score. After analyzing the data, the achievement in the Post-test was higher than those of Pre-test. The mean score in Pre-test was 6.39 and the standard deviation was 0.94 while in Post-test was 8.18 and standard deviation of Post-test is 0.8. It means that word square is effective to be used in teaching English vocabulary especially to increase students’ stock of English vocabulary. Based on the finding of this study, the writer suggested that English teacher can use Word Square because is proven to increase students’ stock of English vocabulary.

Keywords: Teaching; Vocabulary; Word Square.


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