Jaqueline E.M. Tangkau


ABSTRACT The government through PUAP launched quite a lot of funds for farmers through GAPOKTAN. This grant fund is expected to spur the economic growth of poor farmers in rural areas. The process of administering activities and finances that can support the fund needs to be done as well as possible so that the available funding sources can be of maximum benefit. A strong and advanced group of peasant organizations should have good and proper group administration to support all activities of the group. Based on discussions with the partners and field observations one of the problems and constraints of farmer groups is the lack of knowledge about good financial administration management and lack of knowledge about good entrepreneurship for business development. Method of implementation to answer the existing problems is to carry out training and assistance in the form of giving materials, question and answer, simulation and task or bookkeeping exercise financial administration and knowledge about entrepreneurship. This activity was welcomed and enthusiastic from the chairman and members of the farmer group Anugerah as participants with satisfactory results. Most of the participants of farmer group Anugerah able to absorb the material given and have the ability in making administrative activities and financial administration. Keywords: Financial Administration

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